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About Us

Striving to Save Peoples' Lives

We are a nonprofit focused on providing Awareness, Education and Guidance about Type 2 Diabetes. Without a story, mission, and vision, our work would have no purpose.  Our story is a personal one and it was our call to action.

Our Story

In March 2022, a dear family member who was a loving father, son and brother died unexpectedly at age 47 from complications related to undiagnosed type 2 diabetes. We struggled to find a way to channel our immense grief into an agent of change. It was soon thereafter that we committed ourselves to increasing awareness of type 2 diabetes. We began to chart a path that would help others who are at risk or living with type 2 diabetes to better understand the disease, manage it and live healthy and happy lives.  With his unexpected death comes the birth of the Type 2 Diabetes Center.

Type 2 Diabetes Center serves as a gateway for increasing awareness, getting smarter and designing and adopting patterns of behavior that will help each person-whether at risk or dealing with diabetes- to manage the disease through awareness, education and lifestyle changes.


The Type 2 Diabetes Center is a veteran founded 501c3 charitable non profit organization focused on raising awareness, education and providing tools to help each patient better manage T2D. We are dedicated exclusively to type 2 diabetes -those who live with the disease, those at risk and their caregivers. There are vitally important and unmet needs within the pre-diabetic and diabetic community.  We strive to provide a forum that creates a connected community of patients who are self-aware, self-determined, strategic and resilient.  



We envision a place of equal access to information that will help each at risk or diabetic understand the disease, better manage their health and enjoy healthier lives. Our goal is to help you make better decisions and effectively manage this disease. We envision a T2D community that is connected, self-determined, self-aware, strategic, and resilient.




6 guiding principles frame everything we do. We practice them with passion and dedication.

Integrity: Transparent, open and supportive relationships are the best relationships. We believe  that integrity is a critical component of all T2D support systems. We act with honor and steadfast commitment to provide access to the resources every patient at risk or living with T2D  needs. We hold ourselves accountable to deserving your trust.  BLUF: Ethical and responsible behavior is foundational to the T2D Center.

Excellence: The T2D team makes unsurpassed service a top priority. We offer a portfolio of information that meets or exceeds what you need to know as you begin your journey or continue your journey managing diabetes.  We hold ourselves accountable for providing quality information and we practice continuous improvement in our efforts to meet the ongoing and changing needs of the T2D community  

Transparency: T2D commits to maintain transparency in all its activities. We provide an annual financial disclosure statement to support our progress, our financial health and our performance in serving the needs of the T2D community.

Inclusiveness/Diversity: We strive to serve the unmet and critical needs of underserved communities. Access to information, tests and management tools should unequivocally include all persons who are otherwise unable to and who may lack financial means.

Equality: We create a space that permits access to increased awareness, quality education, and tools to manage T2D. An individual’s financial resources, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age, or other underrepresented groups should not create any barriers. We acknowledge that  disparities exist among community members who need to recognize T2D, receive care and have the tools available to adopt healthy lifestyles.  We believe that when those living with or at risk for T2D  bring their diverse backgrounds to the table our goal of meeting the needs of the T2D community can be best achieved.

Commitment: Meeting the needs of the T2D community demands our constant vigilance and situational awareness of issues that are core to our purpose. We want to ensure that the T2D community has the ability to maintain awareness, become educated and manage at risk or T2D conditions toward living as healthy of a life as possible.  This includes information regarding T2D clinical trials which may offer new and improved therapies to better manage the disease and even find an eventual cure.  Our commitment to educating the T2D community is relentless. And we will continue to evolve as the needs of the T2D community change.  

Meet The Team

Our Community

We have mentors, contributors, and partners that make this organization possible and our mission achievable.

Annual Report

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization.
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